Professional Basic Computer Course in Daryaganj

Professional Basic Computer Course

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Students & Graduates

A computer course teaches students the basics of computing, from typing and browsing to more advanced concepts like programming and data analysis. It improves digital literacy for better competitiveness in the job market.

Job Seekers

Computer courses can boost job seekers' marketability and employability by providing training in various software, coding languages, web development, and data analytics. Employers often require employees to have computer proficiency, so having relevant skills will increase job seekers' chances of landing a role.

Work Professionals

Various computer courses cater to work professionals interested in advancing their computer skills. These courses include Microsoft Office, programming languages like Java and Python, and data analysis and visualization.

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Sandeep Sharma

Evaluate the course content, quality of teaching, learning resources and student feedback to ensure an effective English speaking course.

Hansika Pal

The English course improved my grammar, vocab, and pronunciation. Instructors were dedicated, and the curriculum had varied topics.

Ashish Dogra

Good English speaking courses require quality instruction, materials, and student commitment.

Computer Course FAQ

What is the benefit of this course?

Students can refine and discover new computing skills, such as networking or programming. Someone who is studying an applied computer science course may have more chances of employment on a computer that requires computer skills.

Is computer course beneficial?

Computer is one of the most important subjects to study if you want to start your own business. These days, computer courses are in high demand and can also lead to rewarding job opportunities.

What is the class duration?

Class duration will be for 60 minutes daily.

What are the eligibility criteria for basic computer courses?

The eligibility criteria for basic computer courses vary depending on the course and institution, but generally require a basic understanding of the English language and basic mathematics skills.
Advanced Excel Course


professional basic computer course is just like a basic computer course but in this course, you will learn tricks and applications in depth. you have to do more practice and more assignments which cause increase your proficiency
in this course, you will learn
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel:
Microsoft PowerPoint
Data backup

Advanced Excel Course in Daryaganj
Advanced Excel Course

Professional Basic Computer Coursel is used in various fields, such as:

MS Office is widely used in businesses for tasks such as creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, managing email and calendar events, and managing databases. MS Office is also used for collaboration and communication among team members.


Institutions: MS Office is commonly used in schools and universities by students, teachers, and staff for tasks such as writing reports, creating presentations, analyzing data, and managing schedules.

MS Office is also used by individuals for personal tasks such as creating resumes, writing letters, managing budgets, and creating photo albums.

Advanced Excel Course

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